How to return a part:

A: All parts are Guaranteed. 1) Always save your packaging and shipping invoice. 2) Email us before shipping what your problem is. 3) Once we receive your email we will issue you a shipping slip postage paid. 4) Take to your UPS store and ship. 5) Allow two weeks for replacement to arrive. 6) Remember the part cannot be damaged during installation or warranted part is voided. 7) We want our customers to have the best service and please be patient with the process.

Where is the model number?

A: There are 2 model numbers on mowers and snow throwers. 1 is located on the frame of the equipment and it is there from the manufacturer. The other is on the engine and that is by the engine manufacturer. People think that the equipment as a whole is built by one company, when in fact it has multiple companies supplying components. Transmissions have their own model number too. Look for model number as follows: sticker, metal tags or stamped into the component.

Shipping your order:

A: Shipping Information Regular Shipping Option Orders are shipped UPS Ground or USPS Parcel Service. (If faster transport is needed, Please Note: the faster shipping does add to final cost. See Below.) Shipping Fee (Ground Delivery is to the North American Area Only) * We do not ship Internationally yet except Canada/Mexico. Up to $20.00 ----->. $12.95 $20.01 to $40.00 ----->. $15.95 $40.01 to $60.00 ----->. $15.95 60.01 and More is FREE *(Except orders 20lbs or more, Then it will be shipped for exact cost of the Carrier) *Additional Charges for Orders with oversize or weight exceptions. Special discounted rates are extended to our regular customers who order $300.00 or more every two months. This applies to only if you setup a qualifying account. Tracking your Order Track your order by clicking "Track My Order" You will be redirected to the carrier site at which time you shall need to enter your tracking number. You may contact us via Email and we shall help you if you need help. Please wait 24 hours before trying to track your order. It takes time for all orders to be entered in the data base.